Why people prefer tiffin box over eating out

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Indians are largely vegetarians thus people tend to think vegetarian food is a national favourite. This is untrue. Even though 66% of Indians prefer vegetarian cuisine, there is a majority which relishes meaty treats too. India is a land of spices, colours and flavours. If you are an impassioned foodie then you will definitely find a dish of your choice here. Every street, nook and corner is besieged with food stalls. These streets eateries have satiating food hankering for years. People savour the wild and loud taste of the streets. The snacks and bites served on the lanes are equally scrumptious as the starters served in a fine dining restaurant. Food is the crux of every life form. Without food there can be no movement and no reaction. People strive hard so that there is food on their plate at the end of the day.

City life is always said to be difficult as compared to a pleasant life in the country. The hustles and bustles of the city tend to make a person dog tired and burned out. The passion to rise higher to the skies eventually is hazed out by harsh realities of life. A city has its own way of functioning. The governance is mature and practical in comparison to a village functional unit. People step out early in the morning and do not return until they meet their daily goals. Housewives are seen running errands across town every day.  Working individuals have to adjust to tight schedules and targets. They do not have the liberty to take a recess as per their convenience.

The corporate world has become demanding and the ones willing to pay the price climb the ladder. On the other hand, the ones copping out have to struggle with their life. Time is money and work has become the link between time and money. Only if you out in extra efforts you will be rewarded otherwise you can say goodbye to your bonuses and increment. Money is the sole cause of migration. The city is overfilled with people seeking for a job than the ones wanting to reside permanently.  

All people working to make their dreams come true share a common bond, lack of food resources. These working individuals work hard day and night to make a living. At the end of the day they have to splurge on healthy food since they do not have a help to cook food. The best alternative to solve this problem is to opt for a Tiffin box. There are many caterers offering the Tiffin box service. They cook Gujarati food, Rajasthani food, South Indian and so on as per you demand and deliver the lunch box to your workplace. All you have to do is pay them a monthly charge. These lunch boxes are also delivered for dinner. Bachelors working in the city have started opting for this profitable alternative instead of spending lump sum eating out.  Caterers cook healthy homemade like food so that their customers stay fit and they do not lose out on business.

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Why people prefer tiffin box over eating out

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Why people prefer tiffin box over eating out

This article was published on 2013/01/21