The Lazy Man's Way in Home Canning Basics

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Home canning is the process of preserving food. Let's start from the basics first and down to last. If you've never done canning because you think it's too complicated, fear no more for all home canning basics are simple and easy to do. In beginners like you, familiarize yourself with home canning like different tools and equipments, different canning methods, tips and advises and precautions. All of these are important to be successful. Focus and learn these basics first before proceeding to the main step, canning.

Home canning basics have two common methods of canning, the water bath canning and pressure canning. In doing this methods in canning, they have the same tools needed like measuring cups and spoons, lid wand, jar lifters, canning jars, lids and bands, funnel, rubber spatula and mixing bowls. They only differ in canners, water bath canners and pressurized canners. All tools and equipments must be clean, dry and sterilized. This is to prevent certain micro organisms to survive. Most of the tools used are seen in your kitchen, so you will have no problem in providing these materials for canning.

Familiarizing yourself with different kinds of foods that are suitable for different canning methods is another thing to remember. In water bath canning, foods that are high in acids can undergo this process while foods low in acids can undergo pressure canning. High acid foods are mostly fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and figs while low acid foods are mostly meat and vegetables like carrot, peas, corn, beans and beets. These foods are best in canning. Knowing what kind of foods suits best when canned is very important in providing nutritious foods. Knowing also these can safety in the food we are eating.

Now you know all these home canning basics it will never be hard for you to begin your canning and preserving process. All details are explained to you carefully and clearly. You can now begin with the main process in canning. The benefits of home canning is very useful to us for providing food anytime we want even if the food is out of season. Begin spreading the good news in home canning for it is the real saviour in our life.

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The Lazy Man's Way in Home Canning Basics

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This article was published on 2010/03/19