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Sisters were to cut off excess fat, restore slender exhausted all methods! However, you can guarantee to hear the magic weight loss must be correct on What? Overwhelming weight Advertisement , The network weight loss coup, makes no start. Xiao Bian today to bring your adopted piecemeal measures to show that the anti-fat diet does not lean errors.

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A misunderstanding: cooking extra seasoning Hearsay: more seasoning when cooking, can stimulate large brain, to achieve a feeling of fullness, so that consumption can be reduced.

Truth: seasoning itself contains a high heat. The GI value, such as pepper up to 73 cards contains 378 calories; curry calorie value is alarmingly high, reaching 512 cards; 30 grams of chili heat has 50 cards.

However, rice gruel of GI and were only 57 and 71 Kcal. Therefore, it is possible that you add the seasonings calories than normal food, the heat from even higher, is really worth the candle.

Misunderstanding 2: make a clean break with the fat
Hearsay: After eating all animal fat into body fat, is the weight loss taboo.
Truth: fatty Food Resistance to digestion, can be reduced after ingestion of food and snacks on starch intake, a positive effect on weight loss. In addition, the foods in the body fat will not quickly converted into stored fat, while the decomposition of fat to a certain extent, inhibit the synthesis of fat in the body. Therefore, an appropriate amount of fat intake not only affect the body, but also good for fitness.

Misunderstanding 3: Eat more spicy foods
Hearsay: a little hot and spicy food to eat can have the feeling of satiety, so there is slimming effect.

Truth: eating chili with local climate characteristics of the combination of cold and humid climate of the South, need to supplement the body needs pepper. However, dry weather in some northern areas, not suitable for long-spicy food. To lose weight by eating spicy food will be affected long-term stomach, causing stomach pain or stomach bleeding. Eat too much spicy food would make the skin become rough, and even grow pimples, be careful!

Mistakes four: drinking tea increase weight loss
Hearsay: drink concentrated tea and coffee are able to lose weight.
Truth: before meals, drink tea, bad people on the stomach, will increase the gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease. After dinner drink tea, tea base to stimulate the central nervous system, improve the human metabolic rate, promoting the secretion of gastric juice and food digestion, and have actually accelerated the speed of human body hunger, soon work on the things they want to eat, which also reduced got fat ah!

Mistakes 5: can the more the better to eat watermelon
Hearsay: Fruit is a good choice when weight loss, eat more and will not go wrong.

Truth: most of the fruit than meat, the staple food is more beneficial to lose weight, but the watermelon, pineapple is an exception. Because their GI values with some starchy foods such as pasta, biscuits almost the same, or even higher than the meat food, it is easy to determine whether the fat you the key to the higher rate of food absorption of sugar put on weight more easily. If you want to eat fruit instead of other food, on the choice of coconut, strawberry, grapefruit and other fruits it more secure.
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Jie Mi Thin Common Anti-fat Diet Does Not Lean Mistakes - Weight Loss Mistakes - Pharmaceutical

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