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Many of us have been delivering food for a long time. It really makes life easier and saves time. Just think: only one phone call and you don’t have to go out (especially, when its’ cold outside) and buy food. Food delivery is a great solution for home parties and office lunches – quickly, delicious and no headache with dish washing.

Choosing a food delivery services is not as easy as it seems. Certainly, you can open yellow pages and call the first number you see. But in this case you risk coming across low quality food delivery. In my opinion the best way to choose a food delivery service is to order food from a restaurant you often visit or use your friends’ advice.

But if you have decided to order food in a random restaurant, some tips will help you to avoid disappointment and find out whether you are going to deal with professionals.

1. Think of your impressions caused by phone conversation. A person taking your order should be polite and provide comprehensive answers to all your questions. Also, you should be provided various options of food order (similar to the one you are going to make) and informed about current campaigns. If a person on the other side of the receiver is rude and willing to finish conversation, I don’t think this company is a right thing to choose.

2. Time of delivery. Any food delivery service is not allowed to make mistakes when calculating time for delivery. If ad says about 15 minute delivery – be sure this is nothing more than way to attract customers and in reality you will have to wait for hours. If delivery takes more than 1,5 hours, do not even think about ordering food here. When the food is delivered, you will be irritated and not hungry (I’m sure longtime waiting will make you cook).

3. After you finally receive your order, think about courier’s behavior. He has to be polite and attentive. No one wants to get his appetite spoiled with rudeness and impoliteness.

Food has to be hot or at least warm, so check its temperature before courier leaves. And do not hesitate to check your order in the presence of a courier, thus you will not have complaints about absent meals.

4. Taste food carefully. Meals you ordered have to be fresh, with nice smell and certainly tasty.

Drinks shouldn’t be spilled, every order package should contain napkins, sauces (sometimes they are ordered additionally and sometimes come as a gift), and other things that make a good dinner.

All reputable food delivery services call their clients within 24 and wonder if everything was okay and what wishes they have. If you didn’t like something, don’t hesitate contacting food delivery agency and express you dissatisfaction. If company is afraid of losing its clients, it will do its best to fix mistakes and make them never happen again. 

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How to choose food delivery service

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How to choose food delivery service

This article was published on 2012/02/03