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I realize that not all of us can afford a $8-10 lunch everyday yet what's astounding is this.. the cost of fast food is not that much less! More importantly, the long-term health/medical cost of dealing with obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and any other common bi-product of poor diets is far worse!

Instead of a burger meal at jolly McDs for around $5.50, how about a Mediterranean Chicken Panini at Wholefoods for $5 and a bottle of water (I grab mine by the case from Costco and keep it in my trunk). Then as a treat, instead of a $3 cup of coffee, I'll occasionally pick up a bottle of freshly made juice from Wholefoods! Now I've had a fantastic meal for exactly what that artery clogger at those fast food places would cost!

What stands in our way to total well being?

People! it's not rocket science.. it's behavior changes. I went through my own dietary weaknesses and occasionally I still splurge, an unsarcastic thanks to human weakness.

It comes down to: Ourselves. Our beliefs. Our conditioning. Our state-of-mind. Our desired level of well being.

Again, the good news is there is a massive shift in overall eating attitudes. What else can you do to take control of your health, weight and mental state? Don't think for a minute that what you eat and drink and how you move your body doesn't affect your mental health as well. Consider the types of food you eat. More specifically, depending on your blood type, you should be eating certain things and staying away from others. Check out this article for more information on types.

Similar to the way you plan your work schedule, make changes and plan your eating schedule. Some suggestions for times to eat:

  • 6-7 am: breakfast (eggs or some protein replacement & toast) with coffee for those who love coffee)
  • 8 am: 1 filtered 8oz cup of water
  • 11:30 am: lunch (some carbs and salad) or (meat and salad).. never carbs and meat! Those two food groups require different digestive processes and thus it confuses the body!
  • Typically this is the time people feel the urge to crank the caffeine! I have decided to take a more beneficial route by consuming a natural brain supplement made from cocoa and green tea. I've fallen in love with this product and have decided to share it on my site at . If you find yourself in need of better memory and concentration, join the club. I've had an issue with comprehension and focus for about ALL my life.
  • 3 pm: Have a nutritional snack (preferrably fruits or fresh juice)
  • 7:30 pm: Have dinner but preferrably no carbs or heavy amounts of meat. (Make sure you get between 2-3 servings of fish her week!)
  • NO MORE FOOD of ANY KIND 2-3 hours before bed time. Your metabolism slows down dramatically as you get into sleep mode so anything you eat before that time, sits on you, literally!

I hope this gets some of you to change some habits that will propel you into better behaviors that will ultimately improve your quality of life!

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Eat Your Way to Better Health

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This article was published on 2011/03/22