Do you experience frequent inflammation? – Check for leaky gut symptoms

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Doctors do not easily detect a leaky gut, otherwise known as increased intestinal permeability. The presence of toxins, undigested food, parasites, and microbe in the intestine can increases the size of the pores on the gut wall. The permeated gut wall then allows these macromolecules to leak into the blood stream. Our intestine walls are permeable to an extent to allow essential nutrients to get through into the blood stream. The gut wall works like a filter by absorbing only certain nutrients when they are broken down into the right form and blocks the remaining particles from passing through it. As the intestine wall damages, it becomes more porous and allows toxins, pathogens and other harmful particles. Therefore, the screening process does not work effectively. The presence of undigested food can cause the stomach acid to pump back into the throat causing GERD. One of the gerd natural remedy is cutting down on acidic fruits like citrus fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and onions can help immensely.


The danger of overly permeable wall is that it cannot distinguish between essential nutrients and pathogens. However as the toxins build up in our body, the immune system also begins to work along side by making the liver to clean everything out. If the liver cannot remove the toxins, the pathogens begin to travel through blood stream and can settle down in any part of the body. You can see inflammations on the part of the body where the pathogens finally settle down. If you find that previously tolerated food is now causing problem, then the cause is not the food you eat, but it is the leaky guts syndrome. The common symptom due to poor digestion is acid reflux, in which case the acid flows back into the oesophagus causing heartburn.


Any activity that can stimulate and widen the pores of intestinal walls can cause leaky guts. Here are some common causes:


Improper diet: Our body considers artificial chemicals as toxins. If a diet consists of foods high in sugar and refined flour with loads of artificial colorings, then it induces lots of stress on the liver as well on our immune system. Our body also has to expend more energy to process these low nutrient foods. Therefore, due to additional stress on the intestine, the gut walls can permeate naturally. Moreover, over growth of yeast also increases the pores of intestinal walls.


Insufficient stomach acid: If your stomach does not produce enough hydrochloric acid needed to digest the food, then it can result in insufficiently broken down food particles. Larger undigested food particles can widen the pores on the gut walls and can make you feel a burning sensation near your heart much like the symptom of acid reflux.

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Do you experience frequent inflammation? – Check for leaky gut symptoms

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Do you experience frequent inflammation? – Check for leaky gut symptoms

This article was published on 2011/08/09