Can A Vegan Diet Be The Solution To Childhood Obesity

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Actually, yes a vegan diet can be the solution to childhood obesity. Introducing your child to a vegan diet will do several things. First, it will let your child know that their nutritional health is important to you which will make it even more important to him or her. Secondly, it will motivate your child to foster his or her own happiness through fitness and nutrition. However, most importantly, it will promote healthy eating habits. Instilling healthy eating habits in your child at an early age will benefit them immensely throughout the course of their life, namely by lowering their risk of contracting deadly diseases and helping them manage their weight. It isnt difficult to do. It just takes a bit of creativity. Here are a few suggestions.

* Make their favorite dishes healthier. For instance, make a smoothie substituting cow's milk with soy yogurt and/or almond milk and sweeten it with a little agave nectar instead of refined sugar. Or make tacos using Boca crumbles or prepare some spaghetti substituting ground beef or turkey with vegan sausage;
* Lead by example. Your child looks up to you and will follow your lead. You are the single most important thing in her world and she wants nothing more than to be like you;
* Buy more fruits, vegetables and whole grains;
* Serve reasonably-sized portions;
* Cook together to encourage eating less processed foods and to lower the intake of sugar and saturated fat;
* Encourage your child to drink more water by limiting the amount of sugar-sweetened drinks brought for the home; and the last tip is probably the most important as children are notorious snackers.
* Keep the house well-stocked with healthy, natural snacks rather than junk food. Natural foods are in harmony with our bodies so the cells of our bodies crave and need them for fuel. Our bodies are naturally satisfied from natural foods. They give the body energy and trigger the body's hunger mechanisms letting us know when weve had enough. Meanwhile, caffeine, processed and sugar-sweetened foods put twice the strain on our bodies. Why? Because the body sees these foods as imposters so it sets out to eliminate them. However, in doing so the body overcompensates and ultimately craves more of the food in an effort to regain the energy lost. Worst than that, the body is not able to eliminate these foods so it stores them into fat deposits. So while natural foods giveth the body energy, processed foods taketh that energy away. That said, if you populate your kitchen with natural foods there will be no need to limit snacking.

Approaching the issue of childhood obesity is not about all the pandemic stuff or the wars against it or even the obsession and worrying of parents. Its about healthy living and teaching your child to foster within themselves an unfettered determination to be happy and be in a good-feeling place at all cost. This can easily be achieved through a vegan lifestyle.
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Can A Vegan Diet Be The Solution To Childhood Obesity

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This article was published on 2010/09/27